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One Year - 1971

One Year is the debut solo studio album by English singer-songwriter Colin Blunstone, a member of the Zombies. It was released by Epic Records in 1971. It includes "Say You Don't Mind", which peaked at number 15 on the UK Singles Chart.


Ennismore - 1972

Ennismore is the second solo studio album by the English singer Colin Blunstone of rock band the Zombies. The name of the album comes from Ennismore Gardens, a square in Knightsbridge where Blunstone was living; the name being a variant spelling of the island Inishmore.


Journey - 1974

"Journey" represents a stylistic departure for Colin Blunstone, as it embraces a more progressive rock sound. The album features longer, atmospheric tracks with intricate arrangements and thought-provoking lyrics. Standout songs include the epic and ethereal "Misty Roses" and the introspective "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted."

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Echo Bridge - 1995

The album "Echo Bridge" consisted entirely of new songs and was released after a 25-year hiatus. "Echo Bridge" was made in a modern style, incorporating electronic sounds. The centerpiece of the album is the acoustic composition "If I Said," which showcases that "Blunstone's voice is best enjoyed with minimal instrumental accompaniment."

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Out Of The Shadows - 2001

"Out of the Shadows" is an album by Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent, released in 2001. It represents a collaborative effort between the two musicians, who are best known for their work with The Zombies. The album features a blend of their signature harmonies, intricate arrangements, and melodic sensibilities.

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The Ghost Of You And Me - 2009

2009 solo album from Colin, released 13 years after it's conception. Produced by Jon Sweet with multi-award-winning writer and arranger Chris Gunning. 

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On The Air Tonight - 2012

"On the Air Tonight" is a live album by Colin Blunstone, recorded during his 2011 tour. It captures Blunstone's exceptional live performances, featuring renditions of his solo hits and classic tracks from his time with The Zombies. The album showcases his powerful vocals and engaging stage presence, delivering memorable versions of songs like "She's Not There" and "Time of the Season."

old and wise.png

Old And Wise - 2014

that same year.png

That Same Year - 2021

That Same Year includes beautifully sparse demo versions of three songs from One Year including “Caroline Goodbye” and “Let Me Come Closer To You” where Colin is joined by fellow Zombie Rod Agent on piano. Four songs have Colin joined by the late English singer-songwriter Duncan Browne on classical guitar. Beyond the three familiar songs you will find Colin’s familiar voice and wit come through on eleven completely unheard compositions all penned for the One Year album.

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